Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review: The Lightning Thief ,Rick Riordan

Have you ever wondered if the Greek Gods had children in OUR world. Well think again. You might be one ;D
I took a rather long time to actually start reading this book. But since Mythology is involved, I devoured the book in one sitting. I really enjoyed it.
The story revolves around a 12-y/o boy Percy Jackson who is a demigod (son of Poseidon) with ADHD and dyslexia. He find out he is demigod when his pre-algebra teacher, Mrs. Dodds, attacks Percy, revealing that she is one of the three Furies. Percy and his mom take off for a trip to the beach. Late in the night, it sounds like a hurricane blows up and they're running for their lives. Percy winds up at Half-Blood Hill, a summer camp for the children of...Greek gods? He helps in finding the missing master bolt of his uncle Zeus to prevent the war between the two gods. In his quest, he is helped by Grover, a satyr and AnnaBeth also a demigod as she is the daughter of Athena, the daughter of Zeus.

Overall, I loved it!!! I so recommend it. To any age! 
I've recently started on the sequel and so far enjoying it! 
Look out for that review soon!